Let’s reduce street children – Vicar Gen. of Accra

The Vicar General of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra, Very Rev. Fr. John K. Louis, at the CAS handing over ceremony held yesterday at CAS, Lartebiokorsie entreated all to help reduce street children in Ghana.

Fr Louis said there would be few children on the street when parents do their best in bringing up their children, the government putting social policies and programs that ensure that no one is left behind whether the person goes to school or not, is not left behind in the provision of the social assistance in Ghana.

He asked all to support CAS because it is inhuman to see fellow humans sleeping on the street.

Catholic Action for Street children, CAS is a Ghanaian charity organization that advises, care and educate children. CAS has been in existence since 1992 providing support to children living on the street of Accra, Ashaiman and Tema Metropolis. CAS takes care of three different types of children who are on the streets. These children are the migrant children who have travelled from rural areas to the city, children of various generations (children of the streets), and children who are in the streets but go back to their families in the evening (urban poor children).

A choreography performed by CAS beneficiaries

The mandate was to find out who street children are, where they come from and what could be done to help them return their dignity to develop into respectful citizens. To educate the children in a way that they can find suitable employment to build up their future lives.

Fr. Louis Stated the Catholic Action for Street Children, CAS is an organization of the Catholic Church and to be like a good Samaritan to many who have been abounded on the street. “They have been beating not by arm robbers but beaten poverty, neglect of parents, governmental policies, neglect by society, so CAS comes in as a good Samaritan to bring out their potential for the future which has been curtailed”, he said.

Fr Louis said the institution, headed by Bro. Jos has shown love to children who are left on the street and also give them hope.

The Vicar General blessed the outgoing director, Bro. Jos Van Dinther and the incoming director of CAS Bro. Cosmos Kanmwaa.

Bro. Jos, in a speech, thanked all who had made his journey a successful one at CAS.

The Deputy Director of Street Girls aid presenting the award to Bro. Jos Van Dinther

The CAS advisory board presented a citation to Bro Jos, and some beneficiaries, with a grateful heart, thanked Bro Jos for coming to their aid.

Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Arthur said CAS should be well known to the Archdiocese and beyond for support. He said that it is time we take CAS as our responsibility. He further entrusted the staff to work hard with Bro Cosmos Kanmwaa to make CAS’ dream a reality.

Bro. Cosmos, in an interview with Lumen Christi Ghana, said it is his joy to be with these street children as he loves children. He asked that Bro Jos’ agenda be supported.

The new director, Bro Cosmos Kanmwaa, called on individuals, institutions, organizations, and the government to consider the welfare of the street children and support them not only financially but by providing them with equipment, infrastructure, books, accommodation, Vehicles, etc.

CAS consists of six (6) centres: Calving, Hairdressing, Bead making, decoration, catering and sewing centre for six weeks. They are to go through the preparation period then later be sent to Hopeland for proper reformation to decide on what they want to do. However, CAS’ main goal is to make children functional literates.

By Theresa Kpordzo

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