They provide telephone credits, as a lifeline for refugees and their families

More than 25 million people around the world have been forced to leave their homes, families and communities in search of safety. One of the few things they can carry with them is their mobile phone. 

Phone Credits for Refugees is a British non-profit organization that ensures that they can use them to contact their families and access support services. 

Founder of Phone Credits for Refugees
“For many refugees a mobile phone is the only possession they can carry from home …”

When they hit the road or travel in boats, trucks or need a GPS. And when they arrive in a country they need credit to be able to register their asylum application with UNHCR, which is done remotely using mobile phones ”.

Telephone credit is essential for refugees to stay safe and connected in unfamiliar areas. An immigrant even used his telephone credit to find his daughter.

Founder of Phone Credits for Refugees
“That user was isolated and disconnected from his young daughter. She ended up with another family that traveled to northern Europe, and they were left completely isolated. He had no way of locating his daughter, so he used our telephone credit to keep in touch with the authorities, which eventually led him to meet his daughter a few months later. “

“Every human being yearns for a better and happier life, and the challenge of migration cannot be solved with the logic of violence and discarding, or with partial solutions.”

Pope Francis has given a very important place to refugees, asking the world community to look with compassion on the displaced around the world. 

Founder of Phone Credits for Refugees
“It is not a problem that these people are here or that this crisis is happening. We should all give some kind of answer, and we should see these people as neighbors, because if you spend time with them you will see that they are ”.

Refugees who have received phone credits have expressed their appreciation for the service by sending gratitude videos from all over the world. A reminder of the organization’s motto: “We are all connected.”

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