God in his faithfulness does not deprive us of divine signs when we embark on a journey that begins with him and ends in him. At critical moments on such journeys, he provides answers to questions, solutions to problems and a way out of challenges. Such divine provisions on the journey are signs from above that God is near.

On their journey from Egypt to Canaan, the Israelites were confronted with a big challenge, i.e. famine. In their desperation, they cried out, lamented, complained and grumbled against Moses. They even accused him of having brought them from Egypt to kill the whole assembly with hunger in the wilderness (Exod. 16:3). One can imagine how Moses might have felt and the harrowing thoughts that might have beseeched him: ‘Did I make a mistake in my discernment and judgement that led to the exodus? Have I set into motion a genocide?’ Amidst this apparent setback and legitimate concern, Moses and the people of Israel received a big sign from God – a divine provision of “bread from heaven”. God proved himself faithful on the journey.

God never starts a journey with anyone and leaves the person halfway. We can trust that in his faithfulness, he will provide as we walk in his will. Faith in his Word produces fruits – thirty, sixty or hundredfold. These fruits are signs to us that God is still the Lord of history.

PRAYER: Eternal Father, I thank you for your presence in my life. I praise you for all the favours and graces that I have received from you and I pray that your name may be glorified in my life through your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Andrews Obeng, svd


(Ghana Province)

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