Pope explains how to be contemplatives in everyday life

During the general audience the Pope explained that it is possible “to pray without interruption.” He recalled the anonymous work of the 19th century “Stories of a Russian pilgrim”, in which the protagonist discovers the “prayer of the heart”, simple and continuous, which helps to contemplate God throughout the day.

Francis said that it is important that there is a “balance between work and prayer”, that is, “that work does not absorb us to the point of not finding time for prayer and, on the other hand, being attentive that our prayer does not become in a spiritualism that distances us from contact with reality ”.


“Dear brothers and sisters:

Today we reflect on perseverance in prayer. “To pray constantly” is an invitation, even more, an exhortation that Sacred Scripture makes us. But how is it possible to pray without interruption? This was the search of the Russian Pilgrim, who discovered the prayer of the heart, a short prayer that consists of repeating, at the rhythm of breathing and throughout the day: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” Indeed, in life we ​​need both prayer and the air we breathe.

In the history of spirituality we find various authors who insist on the need for persevering and continuous prayer, which is the center of Christian existence, the pentagram on which the melody of our life rests, the sacred fire that burns in us without ceasing and that nothing can turn it off. Living these principles is not easy. But we are called to make them come alive by maintaining the balance between work and prayer, that is, trying not to absorb work to the point of not finding time for prayer and, on the other hand, being attentive that our prayer does not become a spiritualism that takes us away from contact with reality.

In short, the circularity between faith, life and prayer keeps the fire of love burning in us: the times dedicated to being with God revive our faith, and this is translated into our concrete life. I cordially greet the Spanish-speaking faithful. In these days as we prepare to celebrate the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, let us ask the Lord to make our hearts similar to his: humble, merciful and persevering in love, in prayer and in good works. God bless you. Thank you”.


Javier Romero/ Romereports.com

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