Francisco visits Scholas: The test on the honesty of a nation is if it sells arms

Francisco visited the headquarters of Scholas Occurrentes, the global educational project that he promotes. 

It is a network of schools that collaborate in activities at the local and international level. Its objective is to promote dialogue and respect between young people of different cultures, countries, races and religions.

There they presented the results of their work to him. During the pandemic, for example, they helped students like Valerio from Italy. Many like him received help from Scholas to live with loneliness and their own limits. His voice cracked with emotion …

” I looked at myself naked, with my feelings and emotions, to be able to face myself and to finally be able to smile in a genuine way. Scholas has listened to me and has been by my side.”

Scholas’ projects have spread to the five continents, also involving public institutions. In fact, the Italian Minister of Health was present at the meeting, who gave the Pope a gift made by his daughters.

“What a nice gift.”

That’s why they connected with Scholas initiatives in Australia …

… the United States, or Spain, at the Levante football stadium. 

The young people asked Francisco questions, such as what he thinks about distrust in politicians.

“The test of politics is the question about wars. The test on the honesty of a nation, for me is: ‘Do you make weapons for wars? Do you favor wars? Do you get your wealth by selling weapons for others to kill themselves? ‘ This way we will know if a nation is morally healthy ”.

Due to a problem in the connection, another phrase that the Pope pronounced was lost: he regretted that there were priests who bless weapons because they are instruments of death.

Francisco thanked the Scholas volunteers and organizers and all those who support it for the effort made by this project. He said it was key to remind the world of the value of gratuity, because it creates bridges and encourages dialogue.

“Thank you for risking. Scholas cannot be understood without this attitude of risking. Of always going further. Because only by risking can one experience gratuity. Only by risking does one reach that third level of the university of the meaning of celebrating. Without it risk is not celebrated. “

The first ladies of Brazil, Chile, Honduras, Panama and the Dominican Republic were also present at the meeting. In person and to represent them was the first lady of Argentina, Fabiola Yáñez.


Javier Romero/

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