COP26 President: For the Pope it is key to work together for the climate emergency

The next UN conference on climate change will kick off on November 1 in Glasgow. Experts and diplomats from all countries will look for what to do to meet the environmental objectives of the Paris Agreement.

President of COP26
“In Paris, the world came together and decided to do everything possible to limit the growth of global temperature to between 2 and 1.5 degrees. And that is something that globally we have to fulfill “.

I would love for countries to deal with climate change with the same urgency with which we have dealt, as necessary, with the coronavirus throughout the world. “

To achieve this, Alok Sharma asks governments for a commitment to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050; act on climate change that is underway; and that donor countries keep their promise to finance developing countries.

President of COP26
“The good news is that we have made progress. When Italy and the UK took over the joint presidency of COP26, less than 30% of the world economy had committed to the goal of net zero emissions. Now it is 70% of the world economy. In addition, the G7 countries, which is 50% of the world economy, have proposed to reduce emissions a little by 2030, a good step towards the zero goal of 2050 ”.

For Alok Sharma, religious leaders play an important role in this process, as they “guide people to do the right thing to tackle climate change.”

President of COP26
“The Holy Father considers climate action to be one of the key issues on which we have to work together.”

“In the world there are 1,300 million Catholics. There are many people and they can be helped, not only to change the way they act themselves, but also to influence others ”.

The president of Cop26 is collaborating with representatives of the Vatican to boost collaboration.

Furthermore, the organizers are trying to get the event to take place physically in Glasgow, and they dream that the Pope will somehow participate as well.


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