Archbishop of Delhi: Catholic hospitals are also collapsing

Half of the world’s new daily coronavirus positives come from India, which is suffering from a devastating new wave of coronavirus. Patients are collapsing the fragile healthcare system of the world’s second most populous country. 

The government has received serious accusations for mismanagement of the crisis after allowing political rallies and mass religious celebrations.

Archbishop of Delhi (India)
“There were great meetings, also religious, so I imagine that the contagions were unleashed there. We don’t take enough precautions. We take it easy and that is why we are now paying the price ”.

Delhi, where Archbishop Anil Joseph Couto is from, is one of the worst affected cities, with about 1.2 million cases. One for every 14 people.

Hospitals in the city are blocked and rejecting new patients. Desperation takes its toll on people like this, who tried to force entry into the health center with a motorcycle taxi.

In an interview with Aid to the Church in Need, Archbishop Anil Joseph Couto noted that the Holy Family Catholic Hospital in New Delhi is also collapsed.

Archbishop of Delhi (India)
“Every corner of the hospital is occupied by a patient positive for the coronavirus.”

People have lined up for I don’t know how many hours to enter the building ”.

Although the virus affects both rich and poor, the archbishop recalls that the poor suffer more neglect.

Archbishop of Delhi (India)
“Those who do not have as many resources as the rich get the worst of it. Hospitals do not allow them to enter, they close their doors ”.

India is detecting more than 300,000 cases every day. And even though it is one of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers, it has only administered the first dose to less than 10% of its population.

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