Cardinal Gracias: The COVID situation in India is terrifying and depressing

India is trying to cope with a terrible wave of Covid-19 infections, and also Catholic organizations such as Caritas are working to care for those affected.

“From the reports we received, Delhi is very bad. Deaths, lack of oxygen and medicines. The Church has also become quite involved in Mumbai, in our hospitals and in our social aid organizations. The situation is bad, but I have hope. It’s scary, depressing, but I think the government will control it soon. “

Faced with this scenario, the country’s bishops have called a day of prayer and fasting for this Friday, May 7.

“We have prepared a prayer meeting and we have asked all the churches, convents and religious institutions to pray for God to help in the face of this pandemic.”

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the Catholic Church in India has made its hospitals and social services available to the government.

“But the Church is small. We cannot reach everyone. Although we have a network that covers the entire country, we cannot reach everyone. And that’s really anguish for us, really a great anguish. But we try to do our best ”.

The number of Covid-19 cases registered in India exceeds 18 million. Only in the second half of April some 300,000 new infections were registered daily.

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