Pope abolishes cardinal privilege and they will not be tried by special court

From now on the cardinals will not be judged by a special court . They will go through the same process as anyone else charged with crimes in Vatican City State.

Naturally, just as to judge heads of government or ministers the authorization of Parliament is required, in this case only the consent of the Pope will be necessary to prosecute them.

A few weeks ago, Francisco, during the inauguration of the judicial year, had asked that privileges in the courts be eliminated .

March 27, 2021

“It will be necessary to take into account the priority requirement that, also through appropriate regulatory modifications in the current procedural system, equality between all members of the Church and their equivalent dignity and position emerge, without the privileges of past eras that are no longer in accordance with the responsibility that belongs to each one ”.

Until now cardinals had to be judged by a special tribunal made up of three cardinals and two or more judges.

The change makes it easier to start processes to try them for criminal offenses.

The Pope is reviewing the legal system of the Vatican City State. With this change, he emphasizes that everyone is equal before the law .

The change could affect an eventual process against former Cardinal Angelo Becciu , who in September resigned all charges due to a case of possible embezzlement.


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