St. Theresa’s society, Corpus Christi branch donates to St. Paul’s Seminary.

The St. Theresa’s Society, Corpus Christi branch, Sakumono made an annual donation of eight thousand Ghana cedis (GHC. 8,000.00) to St. Paul’s Seminary, Sowutuom in the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra and a hamper for the rectors on Vocations Sunday.

Opanyin Maria Essilfie Ankomah, Opanyin Angelina Birikorang, Opanyin Margaret Rosa Thompson, Opanyin Martina Akrono, Opanyin Agatha Okoto and Opanyin Benedicta Shissey presented the donations on behalf of the St. Theresa’s Society, Corpus Christi branch, Sakumono.

This annual visit is to encourage and give a little help to support the seminarians in their formation so that as they become priests, they will be committed and dedicated to the call.

The advisor, Opanyin Maria Essilfie Ankomah said that just as they are called to the vocation of marriage, seminarians are also called to the priesthood and every vocation demands faithfulness. She added that faithfulness is what will bring joy and peace in their vocation.

Opanyin Maria Essilfie Ankomah urged the seminarians to humble and surrender themselves to be formed humble priest, “that is what will bring you the joy, peace and love that we all long for as human beings.

In an interview with Catholic Digest, Opanyin Maria Essilfie Ankomah had this to say, “today we have called to be faithful to the various vocations that we have chosen.”

“We know that as Catholics, marriage is a sacrament and an institution. The only way we can enjoy this sacrament is being with God for him to be in control of our marriages”, she encouraged married people to relook at how they live their married lives and make Christ the centre of their marriages.

“We should know that everything God has instituted is for our good, therefore if there is a question mark on your vocation, it is time for you to reflect”, he added.

By Theresa Kpordzo

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