56 KSJI Auxiliary Sisters receive The Queen of Saints Award in 2020

Fifty-six (56) Sisters of the Subordinate Auxiliary in the Accra East and the Accra West Grand Auxiliaries have been invested with the Noble Degree at Mary Mother of Good Counsel Catholic Church, Airport West.

The Queen of Saints Award is the highest honour bestowed on its members of the Ladies Auxiliary who are in good standing and have served the order faithfully for a minimum of twenty (20) years based on consistent service not only to the order but to the church and country.

The Council of Consulters examined, verified, and approved each candidate to be honoured before the commencement of the investiture ceremony.

N/S Genevieve Amuzu of St. Bernadette Auxiliary 325, Accra received the Certificate of Excellence in recognition of her excellent research work submitted for the Award of the Noble Degree/ Queen of Saints in 2020.

Upon receiving the Queen of Saints Award each candidate is now admitted into the group of Noble Sisters and expected to live a life of example to many. They are also to wear an emblem of the Queen of Saints Award as a breastplate of righteousness, emulating the virtues of Mother Mary.

In a piece of quick advice, Major General Peter S. Dery, Supreme Subordinate President, KSJI said the new Noble Sisters are to be agents of change. They are to bear good fruit for the Lord to inspire, to guide, and to become the light of the world.

The investiture was introduced by the Ghana Grand Auxiliary of the Knights of St. John International at the 1986 Ghana Grand Convention held at Somanya.

Also in Attendance were Very. Rev. Fr.  Captain Samuel Filton-Mensah, Very. Rev. Fr. Thomas Betuyre,  Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Salifu, and Rev. Fr. Bright Fumey.




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